>continue swimming

Leaving the pink species alone, you swim onwards. Within moments, you pick up an interesting chemical signature, which you proceed to follow.

While doing so, you pass by several box-shaped algae cells, although they and their cell walls are not where the scent is coming from.

Eventually, you come across some pieces of torn membrane floating around, as well as some orange cells taking in nutrients. Presumably, the cell those pieces of membrane used to be a part of was torn apart by those orange ones, and its innards diffused through the water, creating the "scent trail."

The remains include a lysosome and a strange vacuole. You'll probably only have time to grab one of them before the predators react.

What will you do?[edit | edit source]

  • Eat algae cell
  • Take lysosome
  • Take strange vacuole
  • Keep swimming
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