The version history lists the changes that have been made to the game with each version. This page documentes the version history of Thrive. What each version has added, removed, and changed in the game. For a more general history of the games development, visit the developer's wiki page here.

The game versions are mainly documented through the devblogs. Big part of the notable changes list is based on the file's GitHub description.

Previous Version
Version Release date
0.3.3 Feb 12 2017
Current Version
Version Release date
0.3.4 June 6 2017
Next Version
Version Release date
0.4.0 Soon™


Version Release date Notable changes
0.3.4 June 6 2017 Overhaul of the microbial process system.

Microbes drop a percentage of the compounds that compose their organelles on death.

Different chance to generate each organelle in procedurally generated and mutated microbes (less toxic vacuoles)

Adjusted compound cloud densities


0.3.3 Feb 12 2017 New GUI

Random Evo:

  • new organisms that will try to kill you with agents and phagocytosis and will mutate every time you exit the editor 

Reproduction System:

  • reproductase is gone
  • To reproduce now you need to divide each of your organelles into two and then duplicate the DNA in your nucleus
    • each organelle needs 2 glucose and 1 amino acids to split


  • now, each hex has a given mass, making large cells weigh more than smaller ones

Health System:

  • lost health can be replenished by getting amino acids and glucose
0.3.2 Aug 9 2016 Compound clouds were added, replacing compound emitters

Colored Organelles

When damaged the membrane and organelles now flash red

New biomes added

Membrane now flashes blue when engulfing a cell

Chloroplasts and toxin vacuoles can now be found and engulfed


0.3.1 Feb 18 2016 Linux Support

Parallax Background

Microbe editor:

  • Symmetry in the editor
  • Cytoplasm


0.3.0 Dec 2 2015 New opening cutscene

Microbes graphics were updated

Microbe editor:

  • green highlight if organelle can be placed and red if you can't
  • Organelle models
  • Organelles take up multiple hexes and can be rotated

Compound storage slightly improved


Version Release date Notable changes
0.2.4 Feb 8 2015 A new menu was added

The GUI was updated Another compound, Ammonia, was added

0.2.3 Aug 3 2014 AI organisms:
  • New AI species were added
  • Predation has been added

Another compound, CO2, was added

A compound used in reproduction, Reproductasse was added Amino acids were added, which contributes to the production of Reproductasse

Nitrine was removed from the compounds list

Microbe editor:

  • You can now save and load organisms
  • Mutation points were added


  • A new Chloroplast organelle that converts CO2 into Glucose and Oxygen
0.2.2 A menu was added

A GUI was added

Another compound, Glucose, was added

Toxins were added

Varying AI species

Flagella were added

The microbe editor was added

0.2.1 Oct 2013 A compound was added, Oxygen, generated by an emitter

AI organisms were added

Microbes were shaped like hexes