Alrighty, my Thrive creature is nearly done. I just need to create a religion for them and start drawing. Then I just need to get it approved, then write it.

But you're asking,"Keo! Your stuff is already on here, but nothings written. Why is that?". The answer to that is simple. I originally had a creature idea, wrote it on the forums, had it approved, and then wrote it here. But I started having some problems with originality and naming, so I changed it. I know your suppose to get ones permission before doing that, but I didn't know at the time. I kept on changing it until it was completely different from my original idea. But now that I know more about the game and how everything works, I resubmitted my creation as something new. 

I hope for the best for my future in Thrive, and thanks to some people at the thrive forums for helping me out.