The Thrive Universe is a world constructed by you, the community - no, not you, you to the left. That's right. Be aware this is not an actual world in-game and is merely a collection of pages put together to create a living world whilst we wait for the real thing. But it is still worth a look to see the creativity the community has to other.

Contributors can suggest an application on the Thrive Universe Application thread, of pretty much anything (plants, , events, technology, planets, species etc.) where it will be reviewed. The Thrive Universe is meant to be kept at least semi-realistic, which is why everything has to go through a review, as well as keeping everything consistent. Once an application has been accepted, the contributor is then allowed to create the page here, in the Thrive Universe.

Timeline of Events

1 ASE (2050)

- Humans leave Sol and start to explore the galaxy.


- Aktar 4

- Biktom

- Jaron

- Klugge

- Rag

- The Khi system


- Sovereign Biktom Directorate


- Aktarian

- Atrijan

- Giree

- Hyvra

- Ionax

- Jre

- Klume

- Kuagu

- Rag'Kor

- Tireeie

- Trionites

Non-sapient Organisms

- Drekken

- Eichalles


- Exar Droids

- The Rag'Kor Relay System

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