The Voltron are a wise race of synthetic robots, thriving on Mergatroid for millions of years. After establishing contact with a Soverian voyager vessel, they allied each other, then began to construct cities in the polar ice caps.

Technology: Drones are the Voltron's security and their police force. Foreign aliens are secretly watched by cameras, which is a little controversial in some societes, many discussions were made around this, but Voltron officials say there's nothing wrong with their security protocol.

Culture: The Voltron took interest in the ways of the Avrion, and began to meditate to the powerful blizzards in the ice caps. Since they can not feel pain, have no blood, and cannot feel in general, the Voltronian monks would stay in their same spots for so long they'd get covered by layers and layers of snow.

Government: The Voltron are ruled by one king, which is elected every time a powerful blizzard covers the entire planet in layers of snow and ice. The present king of Mergatroid is known as Vui'tron

Projects - The Sol-A Project: The Sol-A project was started by the Voltron leader, Vui'tron, as a means of progressing the intelligence of the sapient species on "Earth", a lush world of plants and animals. The project was also attended by the Soverian, Ashtarians, Avrion, and other Vultronian scientists. They helped the early, sapient species of the Earthians build and progress their knowledge of the world. During the species' time period, many events were caused by tests done by the Ashtarians and Avrion. The Black Death, or the Bubonic Plauge that spread in Europe in the middle ages, was released in the continent by Ashtarian Chem-Pods. This was a test to see how fearful humans could be, and how they would handle it. 

" The species of the Earth is..interesting...their knowledge of everything around them is extrememly limited. We believe we may have to help the people of Earth in the future. " - Mergatroid Scientist Vui'tron.

The cities of the Voltron, given a purple hue by their moon, Tron.


The flag of the robotic Voltron.

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