As you see here, their large, pyramid like architecture cover their new world, Aurelia.

" We are a wise, noble race of machines, and we take no meaning in our homeworld anymore, as it is dying. " - King Asari the 1st

The Soverian (Sov-er-ee-an) are entirely cybernetic in nature, having thrived on their homeworld for millions of years. When gaining awareness in the age of civilization, when they couldn't adapt to Chronos's sweltering temperatures, they began to construct themselves entirely from cybernetic appendages to survive. When solar flares struck the surface of Chronos, all biological life was exterminated from the planet, except the surviving Soverian. They began to travel long distances to search for a new, habitable world, and found Earth, which was already claimed by the early Earthians. They took interest in these sapient beings and began to teach them construction and metal making. Ancient Egypt was their main construction site for their Giza project, taking advantage of the Egyptians to help them construct Giza. The Egyptians saw these metallic beings as Gods, and claimed one of them,named Asari, as their ruling pharoah over all of Egypt.

Technology: The technology of the Soverian is very advanced, colors and material of the tech consist of bright blues and chrome shades, and the material is mosty titanium-like metals and ceramic glass. The media of the Soverian are mostly holograms, these holograms are where they get all their news about the world around them. 

Architecture: The acrhitectural structure are 3D pyramids, which all of their cities are triangular structures in appearance. When they Soverian had believed that, in the future, Earthians would find these giant structures, and galactic war would break out between the two. They began to cover the massive frame with stone blocks to hide the alien technology, and hid the metallic frame inside. When king Asari died after his ship crashed into the Nile river, he was placed at the tip of the pyramid, and hidden by security that blocked sonar waves.

Goverment: The Soverian goverment is ruled by a royal king and queen, who are elected every 200 years after their reign. Ruling under them are officials, soilders, and then citizens. This royal rule is not republican, but an imperial society. 

The Great Destruction: The destruction of the Soverians' homeworld, Chronos, was destroyed when Archangel was on it's last breath, destroying the entire system. The Soverian left the planet to seek salvation at Aurelia, or Mergatroid, home to the Voltron.


A Soverian robot.

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