The Sailak are rarely seen outside their territory, and they are not known what they look like. Their rock-like ships that resemble comets have been seen traveling near suns for an unknown reason. The Soverian have given the galactic community knowledge about their world, technology,height, and age, but even they do not know their appearance.

System: Their only light source is a large nebula that the planet is stuck in, and tidally locked, breaking the laws of reality.

Government: The Government is not known, but they have allied with the Soverian. At the bottom you will see the imperial flag of the Sailak.

Due to the extinction of all life on their planet somehow, most resort to cannibalism and kill each other. Instead of proper burials, the dead are eaten, newborn children are eaten, and at least 200 deaths occur on the planet each day. This information was given to the high elder council by the Soverian, which the council found so disturbing that they had the Sailak imprisoned in their own territory, never allowed to leave their violent world.

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Culture: The information given to the Elder Council as a gift by the Soverian was so disturbing that they had the Sailak imprisoned in their own territory for their violent culture. On Hypnos, you can call the entire planet as a global feeding station, due to having no ecosystem on the planet, most resort to cannibalism, killing each other. If an old Sailak dies, there is no proper burial, they will just eat them instead.

" The Sailaks' disturbing ways have forced the council of Vromon to imprison them in their violent ways, they are an abomination to the galaxy and should be kept from the beyond. " - Ashtarian Elder Sa'aiv

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