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Well hello there fellow sentient life-form.[]

Have you ever been spawned in a tide-pool and tasked to "Thrive", then been completely overwhelmed and confused as to how to accomplish this macro-cellular task?

If so then this guide is for you. The Hitchhikers Guide to Thrive, and don't panic, we have this under control.

Don't Panic

Basics Thrive is a game about guiding the evolution of a species in a simulated environment. Therefore, you need to know a bit about the environment, so let's start off there.[]

In Thrive, you need to gather compounds for your creature to use. Compounds are spread out in the environment as "emitters". (In version 0.2.4 that is.)

What are emitters you might ask?

Well, they are large objects that "spawn" compound packets for your creature to use.

Compounds found in the environment include:


2. Carbon Dioxide



Other compounds include

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)

Reproductase (Used for reproduction by your microbe)

Amino Acids (Used to produce reproductase)

You can find more about compounds here:Compounds

After gathering these Compounds your cell will then use them for Processes

Processes are simply the conversion of certain compounds alongside other compounds into other compounds via chemical reactions in your microbe.