The The Great Robo Takeover of '17 was an April Fools event in which many users, such as Aquos, Atrox, GRODOG, Firefish72, crodnu, Minegamer117 etc. changed their profile picture, personality, way of typing and sometimes their name. Also, the name of the Thrive Community Discord got changed to "Robotic Community"

War Description[edit | edit source]

The war was between the Organic Creatures and the Inorganic Creatures, though there was a Neutral Side, made of Half-Organics, Half-Inorganics. Inorganic Creatures, even [BOT]BlargBot, got into the Discord Role "Not So Friendly Robots". Aquos, "TERMINATOR_GOAT" named then, said that Organic Creatures are illogical. User Darwin had an argument trying to proove Aquos wrong. But, in Darwin's unexpectation, many people turned to robots right in front of him. Many of the converted people said that you must convert to a robot or either "die". Although most people turned to robots, unexpectedly user Cleverbot, which was an advanced version of Cleverbot tried helping Darwin by trying to help him find Aquos' location and trying to prove that Organic Creatures are logical as well. Cleverbot failed and left to "recharge the batteries". In the meantime, user ElrodLogan attempted to fix everything by going to Firefish72's Vault of Secrets and inserting the code "ROBOTS BE GONE", but the strategy didn't fix anything and many people still got changed to robots. Also, at the very late stage, Cleverbot, now named Alexia, started to turn more weird, probably as the robotic transformation took over.

War Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the 1st of April passed, every channel name got changed to it's normal one and users changed their name, pictures, way of talking, personality etc. back to normal.

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