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The Great Goat Incident of '16 was an April Fools' joke enacted by the moderators of the Thrive Community Forum, Atrox, StealthStyle L, and The_Wayward_Admiral on April 1st 2016.

Shoutbox Shenanigans[]

The Great Goat Incident can find it's origins in the Shoutbox Shenanigans that occurred a few days before. One of the moderators, StealthStyle L, accidentally told Atrox he was a "moderator goat" instead of a "moderator god" due to autocorrect. This event was swiftly followed by the moderators being given permission to edit profiles of forum members, so that Atrox could change his title to "Moderator God." However, this new permission was abused by the moderators who proceeded to edit each others profiles jokingly, and Atrox became "Atrox The Goat." This escalated into a situation where many members in the Shoutbox had their names changed in an attempt to impersonate other members, and it swiftly became quite difficult to tell who was who.

It was these shenanigans that led to the idea of the Goat Incident, proposed by Atrox and fostered in the private moderator chat.

Great Goat Incident[]

It was decided that on April 1st of 2016, the moderators would edit the profiles of all the regular visitors to the forum, so that their names would appear as "Goat," that the profile pictures would be changed to a goat and that they would have goat puns added to their profile. Early in the morning this was enacted and the forum became full of goats and several goat themed threads sprung up.