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This page collates all the information we can be bothered to write about the community that surrounds Thrive. You won't find information about content in the game here, but what you will find is just as extraordinary. Why does Thrive like goats and disco so much? What forum games shaped the community? Are there any Thrive memes? These questions and more shall be answered in the following articles. And it's not all silly either, including a timeline and history of Thrive.

Thrive Universe (TU) - A Community-built World[]

Thrive Background Information - Behind The Screens[]

Culture - The Memes and the Themes[]

This section will explain the inside jokes, memes, and overall culture of the Thrive community.

  • Smeltal the meltal - The meme originates from the never-ending debate of whether underwater civilizations could be possible. An argument often made in defense of underwater civilizations is to smelt metal using hydrothermal vents, and it quickly became a meme among the community.
  • Disco mode - One of the glitches in an older version of Thrive made the nucleus flash. This was dubbed "disco mode" and then became a recurring meme, and even an idea for a possible cheat code for the game. (Fun fact: there was a disco mode theme for an April fools version of Thrive)

Forum Games[]