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The Tech Editor is the name of the editor present in all the Strategy Mode section of the game. It is used to create and edit technology. It's unlocked sometime around the Awakening Stage.

Overview Edit

The player can create objects, referred as Tech Objects, which are created from Function Parts unlocked by researching them in the Research Tree. The editor will be divided into three tabs:

Structure Edit

In the Structure Tab the player can find boxes, shapes of all material types that is going to support and structure the Tech Object.

Surfacing Edit

The Surfacing Tab is for the smooth surfaces of a given Tech Object, and so would contain typical materials that can be applied over the Structure as a covering, it's also useful for prevent that the internal parts receaving damage when using the object.

Systems Edit

The Systems Tab contains all of the researched Function Parts which determines the functionality of the objects.[1]

References Edit

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