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7,000 - 3,000 BSE: Early Thyron Civilization[]

A period of time when the first Thyron civilizations arose, chiefly around rivers providing freshwater for irrigation. Initial forays into metalworking also occurred during this period.

3,000 - 2,000 BSE: Bronze Age[]

A period of time when the Thyrons used the copper-tin alloy known as bronze.

The Cronestes Empire Begins (2,500 BSE)[]

The Cronestes Empire arose at the base of the Noteres mountains in Arlus, which provided the young empire with abundant metal ores. With a well-equipped army, the Cronestes Empire easily subjugated the long-independent city states. Taking the Pasteres River from the native Hanaron tribes proved to be a difficult undertaking, but eventual success allowed swift travel by water.

The Bronze Age Descent (2,100 BSE)[]

At this time, Thyrons throughout the Karlas-Arlus landmass went through a time of societal upheaval. The cause of this event remains unclear. However, what is known is that the Cronestes Empire completely collapsed.

2,000 - 900 BSE: Iron Age[]

A period of time when advanced metallurgy allowed production of objects made from iron, and, eventually, steel.

Eclosure of Rekele (1,700 BSE)[]

In Klakasnul theology, Rekele emerged from his pupa around this time.

900 - 500 BSE: Imperial Age[]

A period of time when Thyron societies across Bemuge became increasingly interdependent. It began with the first nautical expeditions out of Karlas. This time period saw vast bounds in technology, but also saw imperialist exploitation and unprecedented damage to the environment.

Industrialization Begins (650 BSE)[]

The steam engine is invented in Karlas. The resulting energy allows manufacturers to produce goods faster than ever before, but must consume raw materials just as quickly. For this reason, exploitation of colonies (as both sources of raw materials and as markets for manufactured goods) becomes more important than ever.

Nuclear Fission (520 BSE)[]

Thyron scientists discovered the most hidden secret of the atom; its ability to release an abundance of energy upon splitting. With militarized use of this ability made abundantly clear, many Thyrons feared that their species would not come out of this "Atomic Age" alive.

500 BSE - Present: Space Age[]

A period of time when Thyron civilization expanded beyond Bemuge and into the surrounding void.

The Thyron Federation Begins (300 BSE)[]

To help organize interplanetary expansion and prevent conflict between Thyron colonies, the Thyron Federation was established.

Interstellar Travel Begins (250 BSE)[]

The Thyron Federation discovered how to exploit spacetime to move faster than light.