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The Mocuvott (alternatively spelled Mocuuvott) are a sapient species originating from the planet Zweis. Their body is serpentine, with a strong tail below their thorax providing locomotion. However, they possess an upright posture, with two arms and a snouted head. On this head, there are two forward-set eyes, powerful nostrils at the end of the snout, and sexually-selected nose plumage.  Their skin is quite smooth, and essentially functions as a body-wide eardrum.

Originally arboreal, Mocuvotts hunt by masking their echolocation with background noise. A developing brain enabled Mocuvotts to be more perceptive, make better use of the environment, and eventually, hunt cooperatively.

After a planet-wide diaspora, the Mocuvotts began to differentiate societally, leading to nation states. Hundreds of them rose and fell, with many lost to history. The most advanced nation state was the Golden Covenant, which was first to develop steam power. However, the nuclear missiles launched by such a state lead to the collapse of society.

Society started to rebuild after nuclear holocaust, developing into hostile, isolated, tribes. Much difficulty awaited civilization, losing its grip of agriculture. Many were forced to revert to hunter-gatherer lifestyles, but others could gain some sustenance from gardens. Bullets and vehicles became scarce, as there was no more industry to make them.

Nearly a generation had passed when a young Mocuvott accidentally fell into a pond near an exclusion zone. Miraculously, he emerged with no radiation burns, leading to the discovery of radiation-resistant bacteria. The community in which this child belongs to was centered around a bunker, and as such had more access to technology. Combining lab-cultivated bacteria with a pre-war "mechanical suit" prototype lead to one of the most important Mocuvott inventions: the bio-mechanical suit.

The biomechanical suit allowed emissaries to travel to other tribes, and such begun the unification of Zweis. Some reacted with fear and suspicion, others with a wish for peace. Eventually, almost all existing tribes agreed to coexist and to help restore the technology of the anterior. Once telecommunications were re-established, a global government was proposed and ratified.

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