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6,000 - 350 BSE: Pre-Directorate Era[]

A period of time leading up to the unification of all Giree nations.

Beginning of Giree Civilization (6,000 BSE)[]

Earliest evidence of permanent agrarian settlements on Biktom is dated to around this time.

Ancient Crisis (4,000 BSE)[]

The peaceful status quo of early Giree civilizations suddenly collapsed, likely due to a dramatic shift in climate causing widespread famine. The prominent Giree religion, Pattice, arose around this time, with its lore revolving around the survival of its earliest followers during this unusually violent age.

First Spaceflight (443 BSE)[]

The first manned mission into Biktom's orbit was performed this year.

The Unification War (360-350 BSE)[]

Aggressive competition for resources brought by unprecedented population growth and technological advancement, as well as the resulting breakdown of favorable relations among Giree nation-states, led to the first war in the Giree's history to span all of Biktom.

350 BSE - Present: Reign of the Directorate[]

A period of time encompassing the first Giree interstellar state.

Founding of the Directorate (350 BSE)[]

One power emerges triumphant from the Unification War. It became known as the Sovereign Biktom Directorate, and established sole dominance over Biktom.

The Olovom Strain (63 ASE)[]

The Directorate planet of Olovom was stricken by a pandemic. The Directorate's immediate decision was to enforce a quarantine on the planet. This led to a great deal of turmoil as municipal services desperately attempted to resolve the crisis.

Ionax Retaliation against Pirates (67 ASE)[]

An Ionax raid against seemingly non-Directorate-affiliated Giree pirates ends with the Ionax's discovery of the Directorate Intelligence Network's information theft efforts, immediately leading to tensions between the two interstellar powers.