'They are but a mere tribe, in the shadow of the mighty, and successful, Karava.' - Kavos archives

Biology and Physiology:[edit | edit source]

The Karava'tiki are relatives of the Karava. They are slightly smaller, and differ in appearance. They have webbed hands and feet, which are useful for swimming in the swamp lands. They have small fins, that are capable of steering them to different areas.

Religion:[edit | edit source]

They worship many different deities, each with their own backstory. Monthly rituals are practiced to honor the gods, by breaking something you love in front of the statues.

Technology:[edit | edit source]

The swamp tribes mainly use stones, wood, mud, moss, and clay for primal equipment. They invented a spinning contraption called a 'wheel', which the Karava find intriguing.

Discovery:[edit | edit source]

The Karava'tiki tribes were discovered only until the industrial age, a full 20 years after it began. When these spread out tribes were located in the swamps, they were taken in as slaves for labor work. Around the planets first world war, Karava'tiki were granted freedom from slave labor, but were segregated from the main citites to dirty, abandoned homes. After the first world war, there was a great separation that occured, dividing the Karava from the Karava'tiki. In the present, they are much more appreciated, living alongside the Karava in tranquility.

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