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Processes are chemical reactions performed by organelles, they usually convert compounds and energy into agents or other compounds and are needed for the survival of an organism.

The majority of organelles in the game do one or more process or need a compound which is made by processes.

List of processes[]


Glycolysis requires glucose to produce ATP. The cytoplasm and the prokaryotic structures can do the glycolysis.


Main article: Aerobic Respiration

Aerobic Respiration requires the cell to collect glucose which is then used by the mitochondria or metabolosome alongside oxygen (present in the environment) to produce ATP.


Main article: Photosynthesis

The process of Photosynthesis requires sunlight and CO2, and in turn produces glucose and oxygen. It requires the cell to have a chloroplast.

Chemo Synthesis[]

Chemo Synthesis is the process that turns Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide into Glucose, the process is done in the chemoplast and in the chemosynthesizing proteins.

Iron Respiration[]

Iron Respiration or Iron Chemolithoautotropy convert iron into ATP in the rusticyanin alongside Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.

Anaerobic Nitrogen Fixation[]

Anaerobic Nitrogen Fixation is a process that convert Nitrogen and ATP into Ammonia in the organelles nitrogenase and nitrogen fixing plastid

Oxytoxy Synthesis[]

Main article: OxyToxy Synthesis

OxyToxy Synthesis refers to the production of the toxin OxyToxyNT, which is made in the toxin vacuole or oxytoxisome with oxygen.