The homeplanet of the Rag'Kor, Rag has a lot of diverse life on it. Although most life on rag hasnt grown bigger then dogs because of its gravity. Thanks to this gravity almost all creatures on Rag evolved from a similiar ancestor giving them strong bones and even stronger muscles.

Rag is uninhabitable in the middle of the planet as it is far too hot for life to properly thrive there

It is vast on rare metals and things alike, making Rag a very valuable planet for trade. Because of the abundancy of these rare metals they dont mean a lot to the Rag'Kor although they do understand their value to the rest of the galaxy


As mentioned earlier, the wildlife on rag is very adapted to its gravity, there are only a small amount of creatures on land wich are bigger then a dog. There are only some exceptions to this rule, one of wich are the Rag'Kor themselves.

Almost every creature on Rag lack the fight or flight response, as running on Rag has a bigger chance of death then standing and fight. This has made Rag a very dangerous planet because of its heat, lack of water and dangerous wildlife.


- Rag'Kor

- Rag'Tall

- Rag'Ill'Vol

- Rag'Vol

- Rag'Val'Pant

- Mos'Sarra

- Ill'Pant