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The following page is based on conceptual design for Thrive and the information on it is not currently implemented in the game.

The Multicellular Stage is the second stage of Thrive after the Microbe Stage. It's partly implemented and is under development. The stage uses both the Microbe and the Organism Editor.


The stage begins after the cell binds with another with the Binding Agents and the cell colony grows to a certain point. The gameplay will be divided in two segments: the early Multicellular and the late Multicellular.

The early Multicellular is going to resemble the Microbe Stage as it will be 2.5d with other cells, but the player will control a colony, also the player's creature can have specialized cells.

After the player's organism get bigger the game will become 3d and the player can make organs. The creature can move to the land or stay underwater at this point of the stage.

The stage ends after the organism evolves a nervous system.


Organism Editor concept

The stage will have asexual and sexual reproductions and will have the Microbe and Organism editors.

The first time the player's cell exit the editor the microbe is going to start splitting, but they are going to stay together and will both be controlled by the player. The colony will have to double it's size before reproducing again.

The editor is going to be the same as the Microbe Editor, but with more options for specialize some cells in the colony in defense, reproduction or something else.

Disturbance made by metaballs

Sexual reproduction can be evolved turning the original cell into a germ cell, which when the colony is ready to reproduce will release a gamete to the environment to fertilize a gamete of the other sex forming a stem cell which the player will control.[1]

After the organism gains complexity the player will edit the creature in the Organism Editor and specialized cells would be divided into categories, and later into organs, the player can change the species adding or removing metaballs.[2]


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