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Miteris is a hot terrestrial planet, with around 77% of its surface covered in water it has a single large landmass, a few large islands that broke apart from the mainland and some small islands. It is part of the Ateras solar system, being the second closest planet to its sun, Ateras. It has a single moon called Avigo.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

This hot planet is filled with exrtensive deserts, savannas and rainforests, the coldest places in Miteris are also the highest. The vegetation cuts the planet between southern and northern hemisphere, as the north is dominated by blue colored plants and the south by orange ones.

Life[edit | edit source]

All life on Miteris came from a single unicelular species brought to the planet by an unknown, now extinct, alien race. The unicelular species branched into all the different lifeforms that inhabit Miteris today.

Sapient life[edit | edit source]

Avigo[edit | edit source]

Miteris' only moon. An alien base filled with tech from a now extinct alien race is found on its surface, the inside is all messy; it appears to have been left in a hurry.

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