The Microbe Stage is the name given to Thrive's first stage. Currently (page updated with version 0.3.2 as a reference), it is the only stage implemented, although unfinished, and under development. The stage's only editor is the Microbe Editor.


The player starts off as a simple cell. As the player travels the world around them, compound clouds and microbes are procedurally generated. To survive, they must avoid predators and collect the compounds necessary to produce ATP. Compound clouds come in different colors, each corresponding to a different compound.

The player can die by losing all of their ATP or losing too much HP to predators. When this happens, the player takes control of another microbe of their species with default compound reserves.

To reproduce, the player must split each of their organelles into two. Every time you reproduce, you can evolve your cell in the Microbe Editor. The player has a limited amount of 'Mutation Points' (or MP) when in the editor and can have their limit reset next time they enter the Microbe Editor

The stage ends when the player binds toguether with another member of their species to form a multicellular colony.


The Microbe Editor is the microbe stage's only editor, it allows the player to evolve their cell through Mutation Points.

The player may use mutation points to purchase and place organelles. Each organelle has a different task, processing compounds, holding compounds, storing and releasing agents and more. The player has 100 mutation points to work with every time they enter the editor.



The tutorial.


The Microbe Editor.


0.3.2 Gameplay.

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