Biological Description[edit | edit source]

The Keoma reach heights of 6 feet (72 inches), or 5 feet (60 inches).

The Keoma evolved in the great oceans of Movas, swimming the seas to forage for small animals and vegetation. After much time, however, they evolved to walk upright, migrating to the newly emerging islands. Here, they created civilization and society as the islands changed and shaped the world around them. They have similar layers of skin to a dolphin, for the exception of a small holes in their muscular structure.

Their mammalian structure shares similarities to insectoids & reptilians, but their evolutionary physiology points more toward to whales and dolphins, creatures from Earth. They have a large, bulbous head, with small ears on the sides of the head. Their eyes can be a variety of colors, such as lavender, green, pale-red, and pale-blue.

They have an omnivorous diet, consisting of small animals from the Ta'kalee jungles and larger continents around the globe, aswell as small fruits found everywhere else.

Skeletal Structure: [edit | edit source]

The Keoma have a skeletal structure similar to a humans, but have differences. On the shoulders and pelvis, there are small holes that came from past evolution, which have no purpose to help the body function whatsoever. But, nerves and muscle form around these intrusions. Their hands are 3 fingered, each with a pink colored web. The fingers are flexible enough to form grasp any tools or objects. Their skull, which they call a krani'oth, is very resistant to force, meaning it is hard to be broken. The same goes for their thorak'aii (rib cage), which is hard to be broken.

Their two toed feet evolved to stand upright, their heels staying off the ground.

Kaoth:[edit | edit source]

Kaoth is the home planet of the Keoma, where their humble origins began. Kaoth looks like earth, but plant wise and ecosystem, it is not. The oceans are blue, the skies are blue, the grass is green, and the dirt is brown, but the Keoma are dominant over all the land. Kaoth has one star, a K-class, named Sia. Kaoths two moons are Phobe and Damol.

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