The Interstellar Peace Coalition (IPC) is an organisation that attempts to provide peace and prosperity throughout the galaxy, on top of its obligations to exploration. It is made up of a multitude of different species from many worlds.

History[edit | edit source]

After the collapse of the Endless Empire in ________, the conflicts between resistance, loyalist, and various independent alien societies became inescapable.

The Interstellar Peace Coalition was formed on _________ when the crew of the self-christened IPCV _________ renounced their allegiance to any political bloc.

The actions of the IPCV ________ form the basis of the current IPC - humanitarian aid, peace mediation, and exploration.

Mission[edit | edit source]

As stated in the name, the Interstellar Peace Coalition's primary goal is ending conflict and establishing a more diplomatic galaxy.

In addition, the IPC seeks to provide humanitarian aid to the needy and injured. This tends to be its most common action in reality, due to the sheer number of planets involved in the Endless Empire and its disintegration.

The IPC also commits itself to promoting science and exploration. Not merely a result of curiosity, the humanitarian cause's diplomatic immunity attracts many a scientist who wishes to study in a cooperative environment.

While the IPC does have respect for other cultures and political systems, it also has a duty to rectify unethical and violent actions. The IPC has cracked down on several entities which do not respect the sanctity of sapient life, such as Ta'Ill'Rag's arena.

Symbolism[edit | edit source]

The emblem of the IPC, a stylized galaxy spiral with decorations below it, is meant to be universally applicable to as many cultures as possible. In addition, the coloration is based upon universal physical and cultural concepts.

Purple represents the violent galaxy which every species resides in, based off the high intensity of purple wavelengths. Unofficially, different species ascribe other meanings to purple.

White represents purity, harmony, honor, and the lack of bloodshed, which is the ideal of the IPC.

The colors of the IPC are also used in the clothing worn by IPC personnel, with white as a base color and purple as a border or fringe color. Since uniform shapes naturally vary between species, there is significant freedom allotted to design such.

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