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Greltz’oinhji (or Greltz) is an untouched planet which supports life. Its radius is ~4400km, and it orbits a yellow dwarf star named Tyryiokiolan. It is located in the outer Seregon arm. Two captured asteroids (named Gij and Hafij, respectively) orbit the planet.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Most of the planet is ocean, with 25% of the planet’s surface being land or ice caps. Its temperature is 1 degree higher than earth’s temperature on average. Out of the 25% of the planet’s surface not being ocean, 10% is ice caps and the remaining 15% form a large continent. Oceans go over 1000m deep, and mountain ranges are rare on the continent.

Life[edit | edit source]

Life thrives in the oceans of Greltz’oinhji, with a reasonably diverse array of species of both fauna and flora alike. However, due to an airborne bacterial strain, life on the surface is near-impossible to find. The size of life varies from area to area, with some areas having creatures larger than blue whales and others having mainly small creatures, with maximum sizes being under 3m. Flora size is much more diverse. There is very limited sapient life.

Notable denizens[edit | edit source]


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