The editors are one of the pillars of Thrive gameplay. Each one provides a collection of tools for making and modifying a certain type of entity in the game. The editors are unlocked one by one during normal gameplay.

Microbe Editor

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The Microbe Editor is the editor used in the Microbe Stage and early Multicellular Stage (before the transition to 3D) to edit your cell or colony. It is also the first editor in the game and the introduction of the player to editing. It is currently the only editor implemented.

Organism Editor

The Organism Editor is one of the five main editors, and is the second editor to be unlocked. It is used after the Microbe Stage is completed, and is the successor to the Microbe Editor. It allows the player to edit a more complicated organism, and is most useful in the Multicellular and Aware stages.

Tech Editor

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The Tech (or Technology) Editor is one of Thrive's five editors, and the third one to be unlocked. It is used to edit technology, or anything created by the player's species. It is unlocked sometime around the Awakening Stage, and can be used to create anything from a stone axe to a starship provided the player has the right Function Parts.

Planet Editor

The Planet Editor is one of Thrive's five editors, and the last to be unlocked. It allows the player to edit a whole planet, including its ecosystem, atmospheric conditions, topography, and the like. The tools needed to unlock this editor are highly advanced, meaning that the player will be well into Space Stage before the possibility of unlocking the Planet Editor is available.

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