The Official Thrive Civilization Forum Game Competion (OTCFGC) was created by NicktheNick serving as the predessor and main inspiration to a list of later civilization-based forum games. These include; lowry's The Unofficial Thrive Civilization Forum Game Competition (TCFGC), Foushoo's The Hod Civilization Game (HCG), Skyguy98's The Thrive Civilization Game (TCG), and , by inspiration from The Thrive Civilization Game, soundwave's Another Civilization Forum Game (ACFG).

In the game, players assume the role of an unknowable entity tasked with leading their group of people to their own goals and ends, with NicktheNick being the dice roller who decides the outcome of individual actions and their effects on the games world.

 Current Situation[edit | edit source]

This game currently takes place on a currently unnamed planet, with all current societies occupying the same continent.

Players and Societies[edit | edit source]

  • Skyguy98- Khorati Republic
    • The Khorati arose as a tribe of the Avalon Tribes, which is the where their central religion originated from as far back as Round 5.
    • When the Avalon Tribes were dissolved by Navapran attacks in Round 9, the Khorati migrated south alongside other Avalon tribes to where the republic inhabits currently.
    • The Khorati gained control over the other Avalon tribes they migrated with in Round 11 and became the Khorati Tribes.
    • In Round 16, the Khorati had agreed to make a confederation among the four major tribes of the nation; the Avalon, the Ushnuks, the Kasran, and the Khorati. However most control was held by the Khorati Chief.
    • War among the confederate tribes broke out in Round 18 between the Khorati & the Avalon loyal to them, the Ushnuks, and the Kasra.
    • In Round 20, The Khorati were able to push the rival tribes from conferation lands.
  • agenttine- Sedret Kingdom
    • (WIP)
  • StealthStyleL- Norican Empire
    • (WIP)
  • Foushoo- Ekalan Cities
    • (WIP)
  • evolution4weαk- Astax Kingdom
    • (WIP)
  • elementalred- Shaowayan Kingdom
    • (WIP)
  • Immortal_Dragon- Ushnuk Tribe 
    • (WIP)
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