The Valens tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by Potatomancer.

Heading west from the Spiecine Althio homeland, the Valens came across forested land with a large lake. Along the lakeshore dwelled two-headed bears with shells on their backs.

The growth of a new religion centering around the use of magic, seen as a veil between gods and mortals (with a pantheon led by the Zorn, embodying the absence of magic), was short-lived when extremism emerged almost immediately. To avoid this happening again, the tribe turned to a more rationalist mindset, and became led by a council of elders known as "the Librarians." This council drove out the cult before directing scouts to find dungeons. After discovering horned rabbits, the scouts found a dungeon containing:

  • Anti-magic shield scroll
  • Silence counterspell scroll

They also ran into goblins, wraiths, and horrid monsters called Nightmares. The scouts defeated the goblins and took their iron swords before escaping.

Attempts to use the scrolls failed. Instead, the scrolls became unusable, and the would-be anti-mages were rendered unable to use magic. The council suspected that the cultists' god Zorn may have been behind this failure. As a result, the council agreed that anti-magic, as well as magic associated with fire, light, and life (the elements whose associated gods were aligned with Zorn), should be researched no further. In addition, the elders planned to develop a writing material that would serve as an alternative to stone tablets. This new paper allowed the Valens to create historic records with ease.

The Valens attempted to create an Adventurers' Guild, but it fell into corruption at the hands of Dliug, a rogue adventurer with plans for world domination. With their newfound control, Dliug and his lieutenants set the militarized guild against the government and seized control from the Librarians. Facing the threat of a second civil war, resistance forces set out to encamp near the dungeon entrance. Unfortunately, this not only drew the attention of monsters seeking to escape or protect the dungeon, but also of well-armed adventurers, some with equipment from the dungeon itself. This forced the rebels to relocate their efforts for a base.

In a last-ditch effort to resist Dliug, the rebels tricked their Adventurers' Guild pursuers into entering the dungeon, which had been rigged to teleport those entering it to different locations in its interior. This left Dliug and the other leaders of the coup vulnerable, and they were successfully captured by the rebels. With this, the rebels' leader, Serena, was free to shift the government of the Valens back into the people's service.

The Valens attempted to smelt and reforge goblin swords and other equipment, but the results were more crude and fragile than the originals. The amount of resources wasted had many Valens convinced that they were better off making new weapons from scratch, or just using the originals, however rusty they were.

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