The Vaktsuala tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by Foushoo.

This tribe migrated to the northeast, coming across a few deserted Alkala campsites along the way. They came across a snowy grassland, inhabited by odorous and surprisingly aggressive creatures with red, woolly hides.

In an attempt to survive in this cold climate, several Vajtsyaka tribesmen attempted to build shelters, although these unstable huts took more lives than they saved. On the other hand, effective traps were devised to make hunting the "Woolly Wolves" easier. More structurally sound huts were made near these traps, but this proximity led to the traps losing their effectiveness due to animals' reluctance to approach the village.

The Vaktsuala shaman, Vaktas, noticed this, and had the tribe relocate further from the traps. This not only restored the traps' effectiveness, but also roused overconfidence in trap scavengers, leading to some predators being caught in the traps as well.

The shamans of the Vaktsuala attempted to set themselves up as the tribe's rulers, but this set up a rift between them and the Vaktsuala who did not trust them. However, this animosity was briefly set aside to devise a modified healing spell that would placate the Woolly Wolves. This spell, however, was not of much use in actually putting the cunning Woolly Wolves under control for domestication.

Meanwhile, a Vaktsuala shaman, Vaktus, established a religion revolving around Lal and Loho, twin gods of warmth and fire. The two gods blessed him with leadership of the tribe in response. Vaktus ordered the construction of two simple temples in their honor, although a mishap during a ceremony involving a torch led to a forest fire. This damaged Vaktsuala confidece in the religion.

On another note, the Vaktsuala finally tamed the Woolly Wolves, although this moment of progress was hampered by decreased food intake due to an attempt to relocate closer to the traps yielding the same results. The same solution as before was employed; by moving away from the traps once again, food intake recovered.

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