The Flarc are a tribe situated in the Northwest. They are members of a dragon-like race known as Draconites. Unlike others of their kind, the Flarc are particularly level-headed, and less prone to violence.

Still, as Draconites, the Flarc are prideful, and look down on Spiecine Althio. As a result, they have turned away both the Iberians and Fernwandernden.

The Fernwandernden made numerous assaults on the Flarc, using both technology and necromancy in open warfare. However, the Flarc prevailed each time, and dealt heavy blows to the desert-dwelling Spiecine in retaliatory strikes.

Many Flarc eventually died from their water supply being contaminated. This contamination was linked to Spiecine and rodent corpses that seemed deliberately placed. At the same time, undead Spiecine were found intruding on Flarc territory. After making short work of these zombies, the Flarc concluded that the Fernwandernden were responsible for these events, and prepared for another conflict with them.

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