The Alter tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by Skyguy98.

This tribe faced immense difficulty within the northern mountains; not only from the wind and cold, but from the native "Respes Dragons", which have resisted all efforts to domesticate. Attempting to return south resulted in an encounter with winged eyeball demons, named the Arzikal Demons. A contract with one gifted the Alter tribesmen with mind-protecting magic, as well as the ability to see through the demons' singular eyes. These abilities were used to great effect in gathering information on members of the tribe that stayed in the mountains to worship the dragons, as well as the dragons themselves, which went berserk in response (although, thankfully, too far away to affect the Alter).

As they began to settle in the demon-inhabited land, the Alter came across a dangerous plant that lures prey in with its scented flower, then traps them in its mouth. The Alter decided to use the "Trap Plant" as a way to capture animals.

Scouts were sent to get past the frenzied dragons, but one slammed them with its tail. The ones that could still move fled, while the injured were taken for interrogation by the deserters. A rescue attempt proved disastrous, and not only failed to rescue any of the scouts, but drew further ire from the deserters. The struggle came to a head when the Alter resolved to wipe out the deserters, culminating in a successful raid that left no deserter alive.

Afterwards, the army went to investigate the dragons' cave, but were ambushed and routed by the Respes Dragons' orphaned young. These juvenile dragons then hoarded the army's equipment, as well as the remainder of the cave itself. Fortunately, these young dragons eventually calmed down, and were successfully tamed, becoming a method of air travel for the Alter.

Now that the cave presented no remaining dangers, an expeditionary force was sent to find anything of interest, but nothing was found.

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