"Another Civilization Forum Game" is, for the most part, a derivative of the Thrive Civilization Game.

The game has a new thread on the new forum.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

This game puts up to 10 players in control of a faction of Spiecine Althio, a horned reptilian race. It revolves around a dice-rolling system, as do others, to determine the success or failure of players' requested actions ("votes"). Every 25 turns, an event of varying intensity will occur.

All tribes evacuated from the Spiecine Althio homeland due to a drought. To the west is forested terrain, the east holds a wide grassland, the south consists of dry desert, and the north features a cold mountain range.

Unusual for forum games of its type, this forum game incorporates the supernatural. All players have access to basic healing and fire spells. However, rather than simply request a vote for magical research as they would for mundane technology, they must discover new spells by obtaining ancient scrolls. Usually, this is done by investigating dungeons, with varying risks and rewards.

In addition, there are mythical creatures such as dragons, and even mundane creatures can be made into familiars to assist a faction in its development. Demons also exist, but making a pact with one is a great risk on a player's part.

Player Societies[edit | edit source]

Strikes denote players that are no longer in the game.

Non-Player Societies[edit | edit source]

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