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Finshores (singular finshor), also know as seahogs, are a not spacefaring, aquatic sapient species. They live in the oceans of the planet Miteris.


They are 1.8 meters long blue fish, with two dorsal fins and two pairs of fingered flippers, they have a cyan colored mark on their tails, and their underside is a bluish purple. Their heads resemble that of reptiles. They are able to crawl on land for a short amount of time but have to quickly return to the ocean.


They live in the hot oceans of Miteris, originally in the western waters, but in the past groups of finshores have migrated to the eastern oceans.


Ever since their first coral and stone tools, their anger and hot headed nature made weapons tools they were greatly interested in. Around 988 years after their first tools, finshores settled down and started to cultivate different species of coral, algae and seaweed. Near the same timespan they have also began to farm many species of mollusks. Nealy 270 years after mastering agriculture, they have finally developed what one may call a somewhat advanced cities. Although living in a society, seahogs still possess their agressiveness and tribalistic behavior. With so many rival cities surging, conflict, started a war, and then many others after that first one.

Timeline (An and Po, used by pek'ins to measure time)[]

  • 80 An: 8228 years ago, they start to use their first tools
  • 900 Po: Finshores start to cultivate coral, algae, and seaweed
  • 908 Po: They start to farm various species of mollusks
  • 1.009 Po: Finshores start to wear clothing
  • 1.170 Po: The rise of finshores' advanced cities


Recently, they have come in contact with another sapient species from Miteris, a desert dwelling worm species, after further interaction, the finshores and the worms stablished a trade route. The seahogs now finally have access to metal tools.