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"The blue elixir is ours. With it, so are our chains."


The Twin Skull Cartel is a notorious drug smuggling organization which deals chiefly in Bloodsap products. Its operations within established Thyron Federation space inevitably lead to conflict with the latter. Due to its firepower being vastly outmatched, the Cartel prefers to operate in secrecy.

The Cartel is most at home in the Thyron Federation outer rim, usually with some degree of cooperation with fellow rogue groups, such as the Birthright Syndicate.

Alchemical Influences[]

Due to the secretive, exclusive nature of old alchemical practices, the Cartel considers itself a sort of modern alchemy guild.

Its insignia is an occult symbol in Thyron culture, and is associated with alchemical practices. The two Thyron skulls - one white, the other orange – represent the intellectual and physical selves, respectively, with the blue chain representing blood, life, and mortality.