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The Sovereign Biktom Directorate is an interstellar power located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the patron government of the Giree.


It is a centralized, totalitarian police state. It is headed by the Chief Administrator, followed by the High Council that elected him or her. From there extends the Directorate's vast bureaucratic hierarchy. Common Giree can ascend the political ranks through either military service, or performing well in white-collar tasks they are assigned to (in which case, the Directorate saw potential in them anyway).

The position of Chief Administrator deals with tasks that the High Council would be too slow to effectively perform, such as organizing the military, performing “diplomacy,” and breaking ties in the High Council.

The High Council consists of 20 Giree who, much like the Chief Administrator, hold lifelong terms. They deal with producing new laws to govern the Directorate. When one of them dies or retires, the remaining High Administrators vote to select a Giree of lower statue to join them. The same applies to selecting one among them to ascend to the position of Chief Administrator. High Administrators often use political subterfuge within the Directorate itself, elevating loyal Giree to useful positions as part of a lifelong scheme to become the next Chief Administrator.

Foreign Policy[]

The Directorate is extremely isolationist, preferring not to engage in open, direct diplomacy unless absolutely necessary. Instead, it uses a Chief Administrator-run organization, the Directorate Intelligence Network, to observe and manipulate foreign powers to the Directorate's ends.


Due to the Giree's non-confrontational nature, the Directorate armed forces have a preference for long-ranged weapons (sniper rifles, artillery, etc.). By the same token, they also have a fondness for unmanned combat drones. The strongest ship at the Directorate Fleet's disposal is the Zenith-class Cruiser, which hosts a high-intensity laser cannon with a floral opening, as well as arrays of missile launchers. In general, the Directorate favors energy weapons over kinetic ones.

Major Systems[]

Koresee System

Igedyor System