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"Remember, exploration is the Purpose. Nothing shall stand in front of the Purpose." - Exar Purpose


Round-ish body with four insectoid limbs on the side. No distinguishable face, with horizontally aligned eye’s. Small firearm attached to ‘forehead’.

Behaviour and Backstory

The Exar where created thousands of years ago by an as of yet unkown species. They where created with the purpose to explore, and research the entire galaxy.

There are two type’s of Exar: Drone’s, who gather data on planet surface, collect resources and fight (if neccesary). There are also Motherships, who observe from space, store data, transmit date to other Exar, give instuctions to Drones and build new Exar.

Exar are relatively peaceful, and only commonly kill non-sapients, for the sake of dissection. Although it has rarely happened that the Exar felt threatened by a sapient species, and decided to exterminate them. This is an extremely rare occurence though, as it requires a species to be A) technologically capable of hurting the Exar, and B) to basicly commit mass genocide on Exar.

Exar basicly follow a 5 step plan 1) Find planet 2) Research and cataloque 3) Collect resources in order to repair and/or replace older, or broken Drones 4) Collect resources to build a new Mothership, and Drone's to along with said Mothership 5) Repeat


Exar where made as a space faring species, and have acces to extremely advanced sub-FTL drives. For FTL they use basic Warp Drives. They are capable of easily processing any usefull natural resource by using reletivly advanced nano technology. Said technology is also used to quickly make new Drone’s.