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Owner[edit | edit source]

The Xenoiazrillak’Drekjiona (Zen-oi-rah-zrill-ack-drek-yio-nah) (Xenoia for short)

Astronomy[edit | edit source]

Dreiklinijaya is a terrestrial planet which is 3/4 the size of earth, and has two captured asteroids named Hiriderik (hee-ree-deh-reek) and Yaradaralakin (Yar-rah-dar-rah-lah-kin). It orbits a main-sequence yellow dwarf star named Tyryiokiolan (Tee-ree-iok-iol-an), along with 2 ringed gas giants, Qeranyxaxyr (Keh-ran-yz-ash-ear) and Weryzixan (Wear-ee-zee-shan). Each of these gas giants have 5 moons. There are also 3 other rocky planets, named Wopaxagan (Wop-ash-ag-ann), Qilexixaz (Kill-esh-ish-az) and Eryxadax (Eh-ree-zah-dash), which have 2 moons, no moons and 4 moons, respectively. There is an outer asteroid belt.

Geography[edit | edit source]

~55% of the planet surface is ocean, with 5% being the polar caps and 40% being dry(ish) land. There are 4 main continents: Iwuhaxvrekeakrylazyini (Ee-woo-hah-sh-vrek-ee-ack-ree-laz-yee-nee), Osirahylarid (Oz-ee-rah-hill-ah-rid), Grohiosixuralynia (Grow-ee-oh-sish-oo-rah-linn-ee-ah) and Eohasaslinka (Eoh-hah-sass-linn-kah). Other than these continents, there are a few large islands and a couple of archipelagos here and there.

Biosphere[edit | edit source]

Life tends to be larger on Deriklinijaya than on Earth, thanks to the unusually high oxygen level and the lower gravity. Many animals are reptilian or insectoid, with the remaining few being bird-like. Plants are usually either somewhat small or massive.

Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

Cities, for the most part, are littered around the planet, with an exception being Northwest Iwuhaxvrekeakrylazyini, where there are a cluster of cities oddly close to each other. This is due to them being the capitals of the Warring States, a region of seemingly endless conflict.

Population[edit | edit source]

8 billion Xenoia, countless other things that aren’t sapient.

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