Deep06 Deep06 20 June 2020

Adoption request

Hello, users of Thrive Wiki (and community of Thrive)!

I'm planning to adopt this wiki as the last admin in the wiki left in 2016. I'd want to know your opinion about this and what I should do after/if I get approved.

Good night!
Deep Six. (talk) 03:17, June 20, 2020 (UTC)

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Opdagon Opdagon 9 June 2020

About Thrive Universe

Thrive Universe was a thing that was on the old forum, which can no longer be added to. But I think we should allow some sort of Thrive Universe type thing on this wiki. Something similar exists on SporeWiki, where 9/10 of all edits are about the fiction universe.

Another thing we might add could be a morphological classification system to classify creatures made on this wiki.  This would act as a way to browse through creatures. Furthermore, it might be an interesting puzzle to find a good and still interesting way to classify the hopefully less geocentric life made on this wiki

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CorrosiveDragon CorrosiveDragon 5 January 2019

Regarding the Raider

Hi, the real VoidViper here,

It has come to my attention some throwaway alt raider has come to raid Thrive for unknown reasons.

Please note that I do not approve of the actions that this raider have committed. 

Their claims that I sponsored them is also not true. I do not know who this raider is and my staff team and I are working closely with Thrive to help determine who this raider is. 



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Roboromb Roboromb 17 June 2018

New account (again, for the last time) (hopefully)

So, once again, I have changed my account on the wiki. I will not do it agian as I am happy with this name. This is the 3rd, and literally last time i'm going to do this. I felt like I needed to do it because my names were different from the forums and the wiki, so I did it so I didn't have to think about it anymore. 

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Keomais Keomais 2 June 2018

Thrive Reboot Reboot - Kojiwee

Alrighty, my Thrive creature is nearly done. I just need to create a religion for them and start drawing. Then I just need to get it approved, then write it.

But you're asking,"Keo! Your stuff is already on here, but nothings written. Why is that?". The answer to that is simple. I originally had a creature idea, wrote it on the forums, had it approved, and then wrote it here. But I started having some problems with originality and naming, so I changed it. I know your suppose to get ones permission before doing that, but I didn't know at the time. I kept on changing it until it was completely different from my original idea. But now that I know more about the game and how everything works, I resubmitted my creation as something new. 

I hope f…

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