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• 2/25/2015

Getting Started in Thrive for new microbes.

Have you ever wondered "I wonder what it's like to be a constantly evolving microbial organism controlled by myself"? Probably not? Well you will now! This is a guide compilation directed towards new players of Thrive so that they can start playing. Hopefully this thread will stay alive for a while and if not then I suppose we can make new ones.

I'm going to be making my own guide, LoonyToony also made some really good video guides so I'll update this post with the most recent of their tutorials when I can. If you've got a guide, probably for future additions, tell me them and I'll try to update the post with it.

Thrivin', by yours truly:

So, you wanna be a microbe huh? Alright, then lets get started.

First, you'll probably wanna change the resolution to fit your monitor. Go into ogre.cfg to do that, I'd recommend searching for it in the folder. After that, run the Start-Thrive batch file. On the menu screen you can currently use new game and load game as well as enter the editor without limits. At the time of writing (version 0.2.4 used as a reference), you can edit your microbe in the main menu editor and it will appear that way in-game. However it's planned that next update it will change. Hit new game.

When you spawn you'll have a basic cell. Around you, there will probably be some odd looking objects. Those are compound producers. Take a look at the compounds page here to see what each of these compounds look like as I will be referring to them in this guide.

Now, you'll probably wanna live for a while, so lets make some ATP. You can make ATP by combining glucose and oxygen together. Collect some of that and your microbe will automatically start to make ATP.  Don't make too much ATP, though, otherwise your vacuoles won't be able to hold any more.

Try swimming around to explore a bit. If you find a spherical object with a gold center, collect it! It unlocks the toxin vacuole.

After you've done that, try to collect ammonia to produce some reproductase. To reproduce, you need 5 reproductase. Reproductase can be made using 6 amino acids, 6 glucose, 6 oxygen and 6 ATP. Once you have 5, click the division button in the top left corner of the screen to reproduce and enter the microbe editor. I'd recommend creating a "funnel" of sorts to hoard compounds into for easy collection and perhaps a toxin vacuole.

And besides that, there's not too much else to it. This guide will be updated by myself as the game updates. Thanks for reading!

Thrive 0.2.4 Tutorial, by LoonyToony123:

Thrive 0.207:25

Thrive 0.2.4 tutorial

LoonyToony's 0.2.4 tutorial. It's very well made, so I'd recommend checking it out!

Thanks for your time! Continue to Thrive!

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• 2/26/2015

Feel it should be made an actual wiki page, perhaps by combing it with the "Hitchikers Guide To Thrive " Page, with appropriate edits.

• 2/26/2015
Untrustedlife wrote:
Feel it should be made an actual wiki page, perhaps by combing it with the "Hitchikers Guide To Thrive " Page, with appropriate edits.

Perhaps. I feel like if this thread was highlighted though it would be easier to access than both of the current ways we've done it. Making a guides page would be fine with me though.

• 2/26/2015
Agreed. about a Guides page.
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